You need to think

You think you can handle the verbal and quantitative section with ease. You have a good command over grammar and probably have memorized a couple of complicated GRE words. But still, when that essay prompts show up on screen, do you find yourself helpless? Next, you look at the timer, and you have 10 minutes left. You barely finished your first paragraph. If this is you, well, you are not alone.

It happens and there is a reason for that. Writing is a craft. Like any creative endeavor, spontaneous writing takes years to develop. And when you graduated from an education system which is entirely non-English, you have to make an extra effort to translate all your thoughts and then piece them together to finally end up in a beautiful piece. Unlike native speakers, your brain is NOT hardwired to think English. So a thirty minutes constraint is likely to scare you. Because apart from thinking.

In this blog, I will share my approach of thinking about an essay prompt. My plan of attack. We must acknowledge that everyone thinks differently and everyone writes differently. Therefore, in every essay prompt I will outline the structure, put some points to ponder. Your task is to align your thinking in that direction.